Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sewing - Easter Bonnets from 1959

Four little hats to stitch from Moden Needlecraft, No 33, Spring-Summer 1959. The first two are adorable.

And the last one is a cute riff on the traditional baseball-style cap for little boys.

I don't quite get the point of view #3, though. Isn't a hat supposed to keep the sun off Baby's head?

Two pages of instructions to draft and sew these little gems are on my Flickr account. Download them from here.


Anonymous said...

How cute! I remember those days of cute Easter hats and frilly dresses with matching pastel colored coats.
back when girls dressed like girls.

Packrat said...

Cute and easy. What more could we ask for? Thanks for sharing.

Amen to Pat's comment, except I was one of the first to shun the hats and frilly dresses.

Shay said...

I wholeheartedly approve of little girls dressing like little girls, or even little boys!

I can't stand the hooker-ization of children, though.

Do you guys remember those crinoline petticoats that crackled like empty paper bags whenever you wiggled in your pew?

Vande Historic Costuming said...

ditto - I had a variety of lacy subonnets that unbuttoned for laundering and I loved it when mum made 'bloomers' with lace across the back that matched my good dresses (Yvonne Goolagong - tennis player - made this style of underwear very popular here in Aus)

Anonymous said...

#3 reminds me of one of these protective head bumpers: http://headbumpa.com.au/ (no affiliation, just the first site I found with a piccy). I can't remember what craft list I was on when someone mentioned these, or I'd never have known they existed. The bonnets are cute, but definitely for other babies - I'd've destroyed them as a kid, just on principle ! :D

Anonymous said...

#3 looks like the old beanies to me! like they wore on our gang.

Anonymous said...

18th cent. children had "puddings" which looked very much like #3. These were well-padded headbands of leather & linen, w/crown & chin straps, worn to prevent head injuries.

I could see #3 used this way on toddlers if it were *padded*...

I'm very pleased you posted these patterns; I intend to make up the bonnets for my 9mo old niece.

Thanks for the continuing entertainment.