Monday, March 8, 2010


Thanks for all the kind words and good wishes. I am very very far from death's door but admit to feeling like three of the Seven Dwarves (Itchy, Sleepy and Dopey). My eyes are the big problem, they're light-sensitive and as blurry as my cousin Patrick's on the seventeenth of March.

After dropping an egg and a coffee cup in quick succession this morning, I decided that driving twenty-five miles to the office under the influence of Neurontin and Valtrex was a Bad Idea. My lovely boss agreed.


anniebelle said...

You don't do one thing more then you absolutely have too. (Himself said that that's an order) Wait, would he outrank you? He was a Staff Sargeant.

Good wishes coming to you from Jacksonville Florida.

Ann and Himself

Packrat said...

Thanks for the updates. Now, please stay off the computer or wear sunglasses, okay? Hope the "drugs" help. (Yes, I've had the shingles. Luckily not bad like so many people get them.)

Sisiggy said...

My mother had shingles around her waist (a side effect of chemo, apparently) and was so embarrassed by them, she wouldn't refer to it as "shingles."

So she called them her herpes. That she wasn't embarrassed to say.

It was a very long time ago.

T-Mom said...

Good decision! And hope you're better real soon!