Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Knitting - Continental Fashions from 1955

"We have the smart Continental designers to thank for the inspiration for these beautiful resort fashions. At home on sparkling Mediterranean shores--these bright blouses are just perfect along our native coasts and mountains...The jewel tones of our Continental Shirt--shown on the cover--reflect the emerald and sapphire colors of the sea. It is a natural choice for 'those in the know' who will wear it with slacks, fancy pants or shorts."

"The turtleneck collar on the Crested Slipon has great appeal especially for the Junior Miss." From Smart Knitting, 1955. Instructions on my Flickr account.

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Anonymous said...

I could absolutely see knitting the Continental Shirt for today, minus the stripes. It would be nice in a drapeable cotton or cotton-hemp yarn...