Wednesday, January 22, 2014

And To Make Things Really Peachy

The water main just broke.

I am hosting a tabletop exercise tomorrow with our Incident Command Staff, RSVP, the Red Cross, the EMA, and the county's largest employer.  There is no way in hell there will be enough water pressure to shower in the morning.


Bunnykins said...

Sounds like you need a break, perhaps a couple of days in a hotel with someone else making you a hot meal and a good night's sleep without worrying whether someone is decorating the floor in a place you won't find for a week in retaliation for the upheaval.

Sam said...

Here I was being all mad because the fuel line in my car froze again! I'll stop by whining because you top me inspite of CT's wind chill today.

Ladytats said...

Got any good friends??

Shay said...

Well, the village facilities officer, evidently is a real pal...we were still under a boil order Friday morning but the main had been repaired and I was able to take a (hot) shower.

Good thing, too -- I would hate to have to find out if I still know how to take a bath and wash my hair in two canteen-cups full of water.

(the military does teach some useful skills).