Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Mamma Said There'd Be Days Like This

1.  The countertop man says he won't have them ready to install until the 6th.
2.  At thirteen minutes past ten this morning, my life got very interesting, very fast.
3.  I re-chipped my front tooth.

These things only come in threes, right?  Right?


Sam said...

I sure do hope so! So sorry about the tooth and the cabinets. Did you respond to the hazmat?

Shay said...

After Ms White Powder showed up at the reception desk, I was the second person called.

It was an interesting hour and a half.

Kenzii said...

I like reading about your days, so much more interesting then my days. I'm sorry about the tooth. Ive been there before. I'm sure you're anxious for that darn countertop too. I know I would be.