Friday, January 10, 2014

Remember, Rome Wasn't Built Like Your Mother

The contractor comes on Monday so we have been (very little me, a lot more he) packing out the kitchen. For the next fortnight I will be cooking on the electric skillet in the basement and doing dishes in the laundry room sink. It is quite possible that blogging will be affected, so I'm just letting you know.

The Drama Queen, like all cats, is a Republican.  She wants everything to be the same way it has always been, and her response to the relocation of the refrigerator was to leave a highly aromatic deposit on the floor in front of it.  I can't wait to see how she handles a bunch of guys in workboots and toolbelts tromping around.


tattrldy said...

LOL! Our cat just disappears, finding hiding places until everyone is gone!

Shay said...

Reserve Cat, like any true Scots gentleman, has to know the candidate for at least three years before they become friends, so he'll stay out of the way.

Her Majesty is convinced that no one can do anything correctly without her supervision, so I'm afraid the contractor's in for a hard time unless we lock her up.

magpiestitcher said...

Mom just had roof-and-gutters replaced - 2 days of goblins & gargoyles step-dancing on the roof, and loud thumps as the shingle bundles were dropped, then another 3 hours the third morning for gutter installation. The cat belly-crawled around the house once, the first day, then spent the entire rest of working hours under a bed, emerging only to eat after all roof noises had stopped for the night. She's still a bit wide-eyed and not sure she trusts the humans to protect her house.