Monday, January 6, 2014

Blow, Blow Thou Winter Wind

Inside of back and front doors.

Inside of window on the kitchen stairs.

It's more fun, I guess, when you have to dig for it.

Or at least it makes success a bit sweeter.

The Weather Channel says we got 3.9 inches.  My ass.


The cats have been yammering to be allowed outside.  My evil side wants to let them go and see if that overhang will fall on them.


Anonymous said...

oh, definitely not. your evil side would scoop them up in your arms, give a brief snuggle face, and toss them out into a drift...bwah hah hah.

Bunnykins said...

So that's where the snow went! We're on our second ice storm in a week with half a foot or so of snow underneath, accompanied by winds that took anything that wasn't iced to the ground last night.

Your door handle reminds me of having to shovel a few inches of snow out of the back hall of the old house the first winter there, before we replaced the door and storm.

But, nothing like a happy snow puppy - or a disdainful cat watching from a warm perch inside.

Sam said...

Yep, weather dudes are totally wrong on the snow amt! Give in to the evil side and bet on the cats not the eaves...Love BabyFace in the snow.
CT is 17 today with a wind chill of 2. This weekend? 42 and rain. Go figure.