Thursday, January 9, 2014

I Swear On A Stack I Am Not Making This Up

One of the additional duties performed by Trudy*, our Administrative Assistant, is to record and release the telephone notices that go out to inform personnel of emergencies. Fortunately, this rarely happens, but Sunday night all staff got to hear her calm, competent voice letting them know that the Health Department would be closed on Monday due to snow.  

Tuesday morning our singularly clueless senior staff person came to find me with a worried look on her face.

SCSSP:  I don't have Trudy's name on my call-down list. Do you know if she got the message about the office being closed?

1 comment:

Bunnykins said...

Were you naughty enough to reply "Oh, wait a minute, and I'll get you her number so you can call and check."?
Like shooting fish in a barrel.