Sunday, January 5, 2014

When Icicles Hang on the Wall

We still have power, we still have cable, and we still have Internet connectivity.  But the spousal unit went out at 0955 to blow out the driveway and by the time he came back in, 45 minutes later, another inch of snow had fallen.

I'm reasonably sure I could make it in to work tomorrow.  I'm just as sure that I would not be able to make it home.

Update:  12:07pm.  In keeping with the best traditions of Murphy's Law, our reverse osmosis system has stopped producing water.  Brian went over to the tiny village grocery store and came back with two jugs of the bottled stuff, but in true Captain Oates spirit I have offered to drink wine for the duration.

Update:  13:34pm.  I had to substitute this photo as being slightly more representative of what is happening outside.

Update:  15:45pm.  The county has announced that they're pulling all the plows off the roads in fifteen minutes.

Update:  16:02pm.  Bowing to the inevitable, the county has announced that non-essential county offices will be closed tomorrow.

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Bunnykins said...

Under better late than never:
We had a male robin on the small city tree in the front yard on January 6. I guess he got blown north as he's about a month early (a family of robins owns the back garden.) Hope he's hiding under the ground hugging evergreen bushes somewhere.