Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Children's Crafts - Junior Workbasket Projects from 1952

From the December, 1952 Workbasket, a few simple gifts for children to make.  One page of instructions can be found on my Flickr account.


Lady Anne said...

I really like that little Christmas tree. I may sit down with the Widget (great-grandkid) and see if we can make a couple of those.

Bunnykins said...

If you make the orange (or lemon) clove things, rolling them in orris root from the local herbalist/health food store helps preserve and dry them so they don't rot. Also, either hanging them bare of wrapping with a ribbon wound around or in netting helps. Refrigerate until they're a bit dry. And use a skewer to poke holes to save your thumb. I've been the on the official 'here, make me these' committee since I was little.
Maybe, this year, gumdrop trees! Haven't seen those in years. What fun! Wonder if you can still buy sequin punched ribbon to make dowel Christmas trees?

Shay said...

I don't know, but you could certainly create your own ribbon if you have a one-hold punch and a ruler.