Monday, November 28, 2016

The Company I Keep

Our Red Cross chapter meeting is held on the fourth Monday of every month.  It's at 6pm, and since September, Chunk has been attending a K9 Life Skills class (aka Good Manners for Bad Dogs) each Monday at 7:30 at the kennel club.  

Because I had to go directly to class afterwards, I received permission to bring him to last two meetings with me.  Other than crawling up in the lap of the youngest and prettiest volunteer to lick her face whenever she lets him (there's a reason we call him the Kissing Bandit at home), he's been quite well-behaved.

Class is over until January (he passed. Really) so I went to the meeting alone tonight.  The cry was unanimous -

"Where's Chunk?"


Sam said...

Can you consider the meetings as "practice of learned manners"?

Bunnykins said...

So the lovable hunk has a fan club! Aww. After a winter of being dragged face down into snow banks to the amusement of my neighbours, I took forever puppy to school. She was so proud of herself whenever someone told her what a good dog she was when we were out walking and she followed commands. Have you tried making the liver pate training treats yet? Stinky, but a lot cheaper than buying them, at least up here.

Lady Anne said...

I've never tried the liver treats, but I do make Blazer a pumpkin puree and rice flour "cookie" that he likes very much. Thy are rather thin and have the consistency of rooking tiles, but he likes them. Got the recipe off the Internet.

Shay said...

I have decided that there are too many human cookie recipes in life still to try, so I am going to pass on making puppy treats for the time being.

Lady Anne said...

Roofing tiles, not "rooking". Yeesh.

But you are correct. There are a lot of human cookie recipes to try, and rice flour is expensive; no wonder dog treats cost so much.