Friday, November 18, 2016



Lady Anne said...

What is "RHIP"? My first, dreadful thought was that you meant RIP. However, it looks as if Reserve Cat has finally gotten his own back, and is ensconced in the "children's" chair. Hooray for our side!

He looks exhausted. Was it a tough fight?

Bunnykins said...

It is just me, or have the kids harried a bit of weight off the poor boy? Girl-free zone. (for now)RHIP: rank hath its privileges. BTW, has Reserve Cat been promoted?

Shay said...

"Rank Has Its Privilege" - he's a miserable ol' cat, poor boy, and he does look like he's lost weight. He's also limping today which could be 1) age 2) the kittens did him an injury or 3) a bid for sympathy.

I'm going to make an appointment with the vet this week. He may not be sick but he definitely looks under the weather -- particularly his eyes.