Thursday, March 6, 2008

25-Motif Challenge - Update

Yesterday was Dante's 4th circle (I am a production mgr for an IT company and we had a major rollout this week) but I staggered home late in the evening and tried this edging using a #10 in navy. It does look better in coarser thread but the question now is, what does one do with it? It would make a great edging for a dishtowel, if I were the kind of woman who had edging on her dishtowels.

It has a gentle inward curve so a doily or a coaster edge, maybe?


Sharon said...

You could always use it as an edging on the sleeve of a coat or along the edge of a pocket. Make lots of it and use it as edgings on placemats. Put it on a dishtowel and use it as a hostess gift. There are always uses for tatted edgings in any size thread.

Shay said...

The hostess gift idea is not bad...I am thinking one of those art linen towels they sell at needlework/hobby stores.