Tuesday, March 4, 2008

March is coming in like a lion

This does not make Reserve Cat happy.

He has been to the door three times and each time gives me the look that says this is all my fault. When he finally can bring himself to go outside, he takes two steps, raises one front paw and shakes it; hesitates; takes another two steps, raises the other front paw and shakes it, etc.

(in the meantime, I'm laughing myself sick watching him. I have depths of cruelty even I did not suspect).


AlisonH said...

That is SO funny! "Mom, why'd you DO this to me!"

Overeducated Twit said...

My cat does the indignant paw shake, too. But only when she actually goes to the door; what's fun is to open the door for her in invitation, only to have her give this bland, "Do I have stupid written across my forehead?" look.

Shay said...

Reserve cat has just started doing that: he stands at the door, looks out, and shakes his paws BEFORE he even steps out into the snow. One should not laugh at cats but it's so funny.

T-Mom said...

Poor little Reserve Kitty! Taenzer feels like that when she has to go out in the rain to potty. Timber is weather-proof.

I bet Reserve Cat is much happier today!