Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Kids and their toys

I upgraded my printer yesterday. After it had been unpacked, the fun really began.

Amazing how much amusement they can get from a cardboard box; not much different from human kids.

Reserve Cat spent much of the evening tearing through the hallway and then throwing himself into it at top speed.


T-Mom said...

*lol* Great pics! They do love boxes. Timber and Taenzer are too big to fit into most of the boxes I bring into the house, but they always shove their heads in, and I was always picking up what I thought was an empty box, only to discover Annie had taken up residence.

Julie said...

They'd have a blast with my boys!

BJ said...

Isn't it the truth? My granddaughter's cat has taken over 'her' home; as 'she' goes to university. When Rebekah sorted and cleaned my dresser drawers - The Queen - Cossette - simply had to crawl up and behind when the drawer was removed; must check out all the good smells. She loves boxes, too.
Really enjoy your blog.
BJ the lone Tatter in New Mexico, USA

Shay said...

thanks for the kind words...Funnyface would adore your boys, Julie, he is one big goofy kid himself and loves everybody, especially if they will play with him!