Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Vintage Dressmaking - Fashions from LHJ, 1913

A pretty little lagniappe was tucked into the pages of a recent eBay purchase; two pages from some woman or girl's scrapbook, with dressmaking and pattern images from a Ladies' Home Journal of January, 1913.

Despite their grimy, tattered condition, the colored pages are still fresh and luminous. I know of no way to remove them from the paper to which they are glued but I have scanned them as best I can. The sprigged green and white woman's dress could be worn today (if you removed the panel at the hem) and the lingerie provides ideas for a half-dozen summer blouses and tops. Larger images can be downloaded from my Flickr account.


Su said...

They're gorgeous. I love the dresses, and you're right, they'd look fine today!

Somehow, vintage designs always appeal!

Anonymous said...

The little girl's blue and white dress (not the coatdress, the embroidered one)?

Just as timeless, and I think any grownup could wear it.

T-Mom said...

Pretty. And what a fabulous surprise!