Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Vintage Knitting - Cardigans for Warmer Weather

These are from Modern Needlecraft, 1950, and the patterns can be downloaded from my Flickr account.


meggiecat said...

Ooooh, Shay, those are very nice. They look so nicely fitted I hope that shape really is in the pattern. Thanks for sharing.
I'm so glad you left a comment on my blog...else I wouldn't have found you, kindred spirit.
P.S. that photo of Funnyface cracked me up!

Shay said...

Meggie, I read and love your blog and get some of the greatest links from it; I'm so glad you stopped by.

Y'all come back anytime :-)

Anonymous said...


Would you please tell us more about the book on your list: Good things on the Aga ?

I searched for us with no results.

Thank you,


Shay said...

Here is a link to the Persephone Books site. Persephone is a British publisher and if I am very lucky I can sometimes find some of their books here in the US.

"Good Food on the AGA" -- the correct title, my mistake! was written in the early 1930s and has not been updated from it's so veddy veddy English recipes and prewar sensibility. It's better than a novel.

I got my copy via Amazon from one of the used book sellers on their list.

Sorry about the mistake in the title; thanks for bringing it to my attention!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like my kind of book. I rented a cottage in Scotland about nine years ago and cooked on their Aga. I really liked it. When we bought our bungalow we decided that the kitchen was too small for one. It would have been fun to have one of my own. Thank you for the quick reply. I'll see if I can locate a copy.